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Open Enrollment Ends January 31, 2016

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If You Are Not Covered, It WILL Cost You.

Being uninsured can cost you in more ways than one. Whether an accident or an emergency, a simple routine visit, or a major illness during the holidays, one thing remains clear—you cannot afford to be without insurance coverage. Maintaining health insurance coverage is no longer an option—it is a requirement. Individuals and families can expect to be penalized for going without health insurance and will have to pay double the amount in fees compared to last year.

Coverage Options As Low As $6 A Day

Open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace began on November 1, 2015 and Community Health Choice is now accepting new members in 10 counties across Greater Houston and Southeast Texas. Our plans offer you a number of flexible, affordable healthcare options capable of fully supporting your health—no matter your budget.

Which Plan Option is Right for You?

With You Every Step of the Way

As members of the Greater Houston Community, we are completely aware of the needs of local residents and surrounding neighborhoods. We are with you every step of the way, bringing you healthcare options tailored for your community and for your needs.

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Ready for Coverage?

Great! If you have already reviewed our coverage options and would like to sign up now, please click the button below to enroll through Community Health Choice’s Health Insurance Marketplace direct enrollment portal.

Community Health Choice Marketplace

Improving Access to Affordable, Local Healthcare

Your Community. Your Health. Your Choice.

Community Health Choice is proud to offer plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. As a Houston-based provider of accessible health insurance, we strive to become the community's preferred choice for flexible and affordable local healthcare options.


Benefits of Community Health Choice:

  • High-quality healthcare plans
  • Extensive network covering 70 hospitals and nearly 10,000 service providers
  • Service excellence through diversity—Community Health Choice staff members represent cover a range of languages and nationalities
  • 24/7 nurse support line providing immediate advice and assistance
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Flexible Plans to Suit Your Budget

Understanding Copay and Deductible Plans.

Our goal is to serve as your trusted, local provider of affordable healthcare plans. Each plan comes with options and coverage levels that are designed to suit your budget and your medical requirements. To maintain the highest level of service and access to our large network of Providers, we offer both deductible and copay plans.

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Deductible Plans

If your goal is to have low monthly out-of-pocket costs, our deductible plans might be a good choice for you. These plans are best for individuals and families looking to pay for healthcare services as they go, helping you get the greatest benefit from your healthcare coverage when you need it most.

Benefits of Deductible Plans

  • Flexibility to ‘pay as you go’
  • Low, fixed, monthly out-of-pocket expenses up to deductible, then insurance plan covers the rest
  • Higher deductible means lower monthly premium costs

Copay Plans

For those looking for predictable, upfront costs, our copay plans are excellent options. With regular fees that are paid at each visit, you are able to reduce last minute expenses with the added benefit of $0 deductible for treatment and services.

Benefits of Copay Plans

  • Similar insurance to plans offered by employers, fees paid per visit
  • Predictable, up-front cost helps with budgeting and reduces last minute expenses
  • No deductible

Strength of Our Network

We’ve Got You Covered

Offering diversity, flexibility, and easy access, our network includes Providers such as Memorial Hermann and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. Contracts and arrangements with healthcare Providers , wellness facilities, and medical centers throughout our service areas are all based on the highest quality standards. Here is a partial list of some of the service Providers you will have immediate access to:

UT Physicians logo
Mermorial Herman logo
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic logo

(Copay plans only)

Harris Health System logo
Baylor College of Medicine logo

MHMD Physicians Group


UTMB Provider Group

Brazosport Regional Hospital

Brazosport Health Alliance

Angleton Danbury Medical Center


Physician Group

Beaumont Baptist Orange

Beaumont Baptist Port Arthur